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Glam’Up Paris is the trendy nail art and cosmetics brand made in Europe, which offers quality products at very competitive prices: one of the best per linear meter profitability at discount […]

Melissa Coiffant

The Melissa Coiffant brand offers a wide variety of hair accessories (over 4000 references) for women, girls and child including headbands, hair ties, pins, clips, barrettes, elastics… made specifically for the Discount and […]

Aurore Beauté

Aurore Beauté brand offers everything that women need to entertain their beauty: toilet and makeup cases, all kinds of brushes and personal care products like tweezers, mirrors, and beauty accessories with the hightest profitability […]

Charlotte et ses Chouchous

The Charlotte et ses Chouchous brand displays a full range of children’s fashion accessories: a full color world for children, containing fashion jewelry, kits and styling accessories based on € 1, € 2, € 3: fully profitable […]

Tout pour Plaire

The Tout pour Plaire brand offers the best-selling hair accessories of the Discount market. It proposes the basic and more timeless products at the most competitive prices: a wide range of 1st prize hair accessories, […]


The Bijoux brand proposes rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chains… Specially designed for the Discount market and displayed in armonic color patterns for sales optimization. Smart and dynamic collections twice a year: […]

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